OpusOne is a Real Estate investment firm focused on acquiring and operating residential assets through a value-add and core-plus strategy in Los Angeles Greater Area. We are tireless learners, always looking to find value in places overlooked.

Foreigners have long been interested in investing in Real Estate in the United States but are often reluctant to do it due to a lack of visibility and knowledge of how business is conducted.

Opus One Investment LA Corp will assists foreign investors. Our expertise in the Real Estate Industry makes us a perfect interlocutor to these foreign investors.

We are always looking to approach new challenges with tenacity and punch above our weight

The Founder

Stephane Ohayon is a french Real Estate Investor with 20 years of successful experience in the Real Estate Industry.

Elysées Conseils & Développement, his operating company in France, conducts most of his real estate activities, and is a well known brand in the greater Paris area, working with prestigious real estate partners and clients. 

We have carried out prestigious real estate transactions specialized in the commercial and residential sectors.

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